3×3 view and raise hand now live in Teams, what’s next?

Thursday 21 May 2020

We published a list of upcoming features last month, which we’re excited to announce are all live!

These include:

  • raise hand to visually indicate to a meeting organiser or tutor that you’d like to speak during large meetings
  • 3×3 view so you can view up to 9 people at a time on screen
  • participant reports to download a list of users which were on the call (remember to do this during, you can’t do it afterwards!)
  • access meeting options during a meeting to change the role of staff or students to presenter or attendee
  • custom backgrounds to use to conceal your surrounding – read Digi Comms blog post for more details!

Here are a few more features which are either newly launched on in the Teams pipeline.

1. End meeting for all

If someone clicks off the meeting rather than hangs up, the meeting will continue in the background. Now, organisers can end the meeting for everyone so this doesn’t happen.

2. Pop-out chat windows

Rather than flick between chats and Teams, soon you’ll be able to pop-out chat conversations and continue them in a separate window. This is particularly helpful if you need to keep an eye on a chat whilst doing something else.

3. Break out rooms

A virtual break out room is a separate space to the main meeting where a few, but not all, participants can have a discussion and return to the main meeting afterwards. This is useful during training sessions or tutorials when a larger group needs to split off into smaller groups to complete a task.

Although there aren’t any images to show, you can read more about the status of this on Microsoft Uservoice.

4. Tasks in Teams

If you attended our recent session on task management tools in Microsoft 365, you’ll be familiar with Planner and To-Do. If you haven’t, it’s available to watch on Stream.

These currently exist as separate applications from Teams so you’ll need to change windows to use them.

Soon there will be a tab on the left hand rail which allows you to access tasks which have been assigned to you in these different apps.

5. Making the Reply to and New conversation functions more obvious

This is something we’ve pointed out in our 10 common mistakes in Teams and how to avoid them blog post. We often start new conversation threads in Teams instead of replying to the current message. Thankfully, this is being dealt with by Microsoft. We don’t know what it’s going to look like yet but they hope to make the Reply to function more intuitive for new users.

In the meantime, you can follow and vote for upcoming features on Microsoft Uservoice. We also post about new features as they’re released in the Office 365 user community, which anyone in the University can join.


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