New meeting and calling experience in Teams

Wednesday 29 July 2020

Microsoft have launched a few new features this week to brighten up your meetings. These are only available for Teams desktop app for Windows and Mac so far – you won’t see them if you’re using the web version

To turn it on

  1. Select your profile pic at the top of the Teams app, then Settings > General. (General should be what’s showing when you open Settings, so you probably won’t have to select it.)
  2. Select Turn on new meeting experience.

Don’t worry if you don’t see it yet. It could take another week or so to reach all staff and students.

What changes?

  1. Each meeting windows pops out

2. You can enable ‘together mode’

This looks like a great feature to use during lectures or events – it’s like all meeting attendees are sat together in a crowd.

3. See 7×7 gallery view

We recently let you know you could see up to 9 speakers during one meeting. This has since increased to 49!

4. Use ‘focus mode’

If you’ve ever found yourself getting distracted by everyone else’s camera feed during a presentation, you can enable ‘focus mode’ to hide them.

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